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tv   Newsline  NHK World  August 17, 2014 6:00am-6:11am JST

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hello and welcome to nhk "newsline". i'm keikichi hanada with the latest at this hour. zblt foreign ministers of russia, ukraine, germany and france will meet in berlin on sunday. it's expected the alleged movement of russian military vehicles into ukraine will top the discussions. the chief of staff of russia's president met the head of the ukraine's administration in
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sochi. they agreed to hold a meeting. ukraine's foreign ministry also reported that a four nation foreign ministerial meeting will be held in berlin. the united states and european countries expressed concern of reported entry of russian military vehicles. russia denies the report. instead says that a convoy of russian vehicles had been stopped in a border area close to ukraine. the vehicles are carrying aid supplies to pro russian separatists in eastern ukraine. president putin stressed a need for aid supplies during a telephone conversation with german chancellor, angela merkel early on saturday. the ebola outbreak in west africa have prevented three countries from taking part in an international sports event. nigeria, sierra leone have decided to withdraw from the youth olympic games which opened
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on saturday. some 3,800 young athletes from 201 countries and territories will compete in the sports competition in a chinese city. thomas bach, president of the ioc said at the news conference that he feels sad for the athletes from three countries as it will be extremely difficult for them. guinea will continue to participate through the games which run through the end of august. the outbreak in west africa is escalating with more than 1,100 deaths reported in guinea, liberia, nigeria and sierra leone. at the games the ioc has already banned athletes from ebola-hit countries from competing in pool and combat sports events as a precautionary measure. huge bonfires lit up kyoto saturday night.
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the buddhist ceremony went ahead despite he ha heavy rainfall earlier in the day. some parts of the city had up to ten centimeters per hour early in the day. it the tourist area, store owners were busy laying sandbags to keep water out. but the bonfires were lit as planned after sunset. the ritual is set to date back more than 300 years. in mid summer, this period of ancestors are believed to return home. the fires are lit to see off the spirits when they depart again. spectators braved rain to watch from rooftops around the city. >> translator: i was worried about the rain so i'm glad to see those beautiful bonfires. >> translator: i hope this tradition will continue for generations to come.
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>> the fires were designed to make shapes when viewed from a distance. one formed the chinese character meaning lodge. young anime fans in indonesia are in pop culture heaven this weekend. one of the largest animation fairs is under way in the capital of jakarta. about 80 firms are taking part in the evenevent. the fair is being organized by companies from sing more and elsewhere. fans of japanese pop culture lined up to buy toy figures of their favorite anime characters. visitors dressed up in anime costumes. they could also try on
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traditional kimonos at the booth set up by the japanese government. >> translator: awesome. japanese anime is like no other. >> the organizers say indonesia is a promising market with a young population keenly interested in japanese pop culture. they expect 60,000 visitors to come to the three-day fair which runs until sunday. >> thousands of demonstrators have gathered in islamabad. they say the government is corrupt and their demanding nawaz sharif step down. leaders of the second largest opposition party, the pakistan movement for justice or pti organized the campaign.
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they began their march to islamabad on thursday, pakistan's independence day and they arrived in the capital early saturday. khan is leading the opposition rally. he says the people of pakistan were cheated in last year's general election. >> translator: i'll just sit here, mr. nawaz sharif and let you decide. you have just one option. resign and hold new elections. >> on friday supporters of the government clashed with demonstrators, some injuries were reported. security forces have fanned out across the city, but demonstrators showed no sign of backing down. they pledge to carry on until the prime minister resigns. pope francis is in the midst of his first visit to asia since becoming pontiffs. catholics from all over the country gathered in seoul to take part in an open-air mass on
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saturday. a large crowd was on hand for his arrival. the pope offered a prayer to relatives of high school students who died in the sinking of the ferry sewal in april. he then held his mass at an altar dedicated to career an martyrs. they make up around 10% of the population. south korea media provided detailed coverage of the event. it was the first visit by a pope in 25 years. up next, the world weather forecast.
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. possibly the greatest ever sumi wrestlers has been honored in russia. a bronze statue of the champion taiho has been unveiled in russia's far east. taiho's real name was koki naya. he was born to a japanese mother and ukrainian father in 1940. the southern half of sakhalin
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was part of japan at the time. taiho moved with his family to hokkaido in 1945 when he was 5. 16 years later at the age of 21 he was promoted to yokozuna grand champion. he went on to win the coveted emperor's cup 32 times, a record that still remains unbroken. taiho died in january 2013 at the age of 72. a ceremony was held in his birthplace. the statue was commissioned by his supporters in both japan and sakhalin in honor of his achievements. >> translator: i admire him as a hero. everyone in town is happy with the new statue. >> a number of elderly japanese residents who once lived near taiho's old home were joined by russians to lay flowers in front of the statue.
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that's all for now. i'm keikichi hanada. on behalf of our team, thank you for staying with us. ♪ it was a flourishing center of trade in the dutch colonial period and the population has been expanding since the 1990s due to rapid economic growth.


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